Dental CBCT X-Ray Unit Compliance Test

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) x-ray units that are registered in Western Australia must undergo compliance testing once every 2 years. This is a requirement under the Radiation Safety Act (WA) 1975.

We test all brands of CBCT x-ray units including Carestream, Planmeca, Sirona, Acteon, KaVo, Imaging Sciences International, NewTom and more.

Dental CBCT machines include panoramic-style systems that have 3D reconstruction capabilities, as well as dedicated head CT scanners.

What is included

Our convenient and affordable compliance testing service includes everything that you need to meet the regulatory requirements.

  • Attendance of a medical physicist to your clinic at the agreed time to conduct the testing.
  • Review of the test results by a Qualified Expert.
  • Submission of all certificates/notices and documentation to the WA Radiological Council on your behalf.
  • Proof of certification – Physical and electronic certificate and test report sent to you.
  • Reminders when the unit is next due for compliance testing.

For CBCT machines that also have panoramic and/or cephalometric functions, all relevant assessments will be included in the compliance test.


The total price for a CBCT compliance assessment is $380 + GST per unit.

A discount of 20% off the total price applies when 2 or more compliance tests are booked for the same session.


Compliance testing of a CBCT x-ray unit takes around 2 and a half hours on average. The actual time that is required will depend on the type of machine. Please allow up to 3 hours per unit to ensure that testing can be completed.

Please allow 24 hours for the issuance of a certificate of compliance / notice and test reports.

Compliance assessments

We evaluate the following aspects of equipment safety and performance in accordance with the criteria set by the WA Radiological Council.

  • X-Ray Beam Size, Alignment and Source to Skin Distance
  • Tube Voltage Accuracy
  • Radiation Output
  • Half Value Layer
  • Tube Housing Assembly Leakage
  • CBCT Dose Index
  • Mean CT Number, Noise and Uniformity of Image
  • High Contrast Resolution
  • Distance Measurement Accuracy

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OPG panoramic cephalometric dental x-ray unit